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Linnea Steele from SWEET LUCY

Another recurring theme you'll find here is the Mana or spirit tattoos imbued on certain characters souls.

OK, it's like this . . . imagine if everything we did, every shame we hid and every triumph we exalted was emblazened on our souls in a lanquage only God could understand. Imagine the implications if we could see each other's Mana. There would be no more lying, it would be impossible.

Would we treat each other better knowing that our souls would tell our darkest tales. A lanquage of shape and negative space burned onto our soul as an eternal reminder of our weaknesses?

Prejudice and judgement would fade because the verdict would already be on display for all to see!

Would we bankrupt our employees retirement accounts for personal excess and greed? I wonder if we would be so anxious to bundle up our neighbors mortgages into tidy little packages of debt just to place bets we had no business making.


I guess it would be OK to give ourselves obscene bonuses months after begging the government for more of our neighbors' money, who by now are struggling with troubled mortgages. Would we hide in plain sight as investment brokers for thirty years as we blatantly swindled old ladies out of their life's savings?

Practically every developed nation on the planet has achieved nationalized Healthcare and none of them are Socialist or Communist or whatever Right-Wing buzzword is being regurgitated. It wouldn't matter if our Mana told of the pain of millions without medical coverage in the World's richest nation. None of those things would matter . . . for us! Because, our souls would not carry those sins, but the corporate thugs and Wall Street beasts, their souls, THEIR souls would be black with the Mana of their shame.

Black . . . for the world to see!




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